Digital Marketing Issues that can Ruin an e-Commerce Business

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Running an online business can be a tough thing to do especially when it comes to the marketing strategy. As e-commerce businesses is carried out online, the marketing strategy used is digital marketing Jakarta. Like conventional marketing, digital marketing also deals with audience target group, customer behavior analysis, and data management. However, there are other things involved such as website creation and content curation. Although nowadays people seem very familiar with digital world including the use of social media and internet, still many of them have to deal with some issues related to digital marketing. These marketing issues can bring some distressing consequences that affect the customer behavior toward their business. These are several digital marketing problems that often occur.

Choosing a wrong platform

One of the most common issue of digital marketing is the incorrect selection of platform for a website. An inappropriate platform can lead to a lot of technical and non-technical problems. When you find out you have chosen a wrong platform you may think that you can exchange it to a different one. It is possible but it also means you waste your time and resources that you have invested into the website. Therefore, choosing the right platform is very important. A wrong platform can cause several problems such as too slow page loading that makes visitors reluctant to stay longer. Also, some platforms do not support plugin installation. That is why you should consider all options and functionalities offered by a platform you are going to use.

Insufficient attention to SEO

Another common issue related to digital marketing is poor SEO. This can cause low traffic of you website. Building SEO can generate high traffic but it is not an easy thing to do. The failure of SEO can be caused by forgetting renaming images, using wrong keywords, having low quality content, using improper links, and so forth. As a result, your website traffic is low. This problem can be resolved by installing SEO plugins on the website.

Outdated content

Updating content on the website regularly is very important not only from the SEO point of view but also from the costumers’ side. Costumers won’t return to your website if no new content is added. In order to add good content regularly, you can consider hiring a digital marketing agency. This agency will help you manage content easily. More importantly, the agency knows how to produce unique and interesting content that eventually leads more audience.

Unresponsive Website

Many people access e-commerce business and social media through their mobile phone. Only a few of them who still uses computer or laptop to shop online. It means the website you make for digital marketing should be a mobile friendly website. This is also called responsive website. It means that the website can be accessed through many different gadgets without losing its features. Responsiveness has been a must have in today’s digital era. Digital marketing agency knows how to create a responsive website that is has a mobile optimization.